Stud Dogs

Every Bulldog Club of America National Specialty Best of Breed winner over the last 38 years is a direct descendant of at least one Cherokee stud.

We have had the #1 Bulldog Stud in the USA 13 times.

 Bulldog Stud Dog for BreedingGCH. CHEROKEE ORIGIN JUST JOHNNY... is a Bulldog Club of America Hall Of Fame Sire with 85 Champions.   Johnny is red brindle & white and linebred to CH. Cherokee Legend Rock.  A multiple Non-Sporting Group winner and the winner of 21 Bests In Specialty Show, we are even more pleased with Johnny's success as a stud.  Johnny was the #1 Bulldog stud in the USA for 2013, 2014, 2017, 2018 & 2019. His puppies are winning consistently....82 have earned their Championships and 26 have earned their Grand Championships in the USA.  He also has Champion offspring in Canada, Mexico, Thailand, South Korea and Brazil.

JOHNNY'S CHAMPIONS are: 1. GCH. Cherokee Legend Flash (5/18/12),  2. GCH. Topline Monte Redondo Pi (6/30/12),  3. CH. Cherokee Legend Odin (9/02/12),  4. CH. Cherokee Legend Mighty Moe (10/21/12),  5. CH. Tycor's The Only One (10/27/12), 6. GCH. Rockee Top It's A Marvelous Night For A Moondance (11/04/12), 7. GCH. Rockee Top Kaigan's Little Rascal, 8. GCH.  & CAN CH. Cherokee Legend Cowboy (1/19/13),  9. CH. Cherokee Legend Ripsnortin' Hazard (3/24/13),  10. CH. Cherokee Legend Neil (4/05/13),  11. GCH. Creedence I'm Sexy And I Know It (5/25/13),  12. GCH. Topline's North Star Last Frontier (6/22/13),  13. GCH. Hetherbull Topline JRZ Girl (6/22/13),  14. CH. Tycor's Big Girls Don't Cry (7/31/13), 15.  GCH. CMT's Our Destiny The Intimidator (08/04/13), 16. AM & CAN GCH. Delenclos Cherokee Milton (08/23/13), 17. CH. Hetherbull Topline I'm Just Say 'N (08/31/13), 18. GCH. CMT's Kawliga Wooden Indian The Intimidator (10/12/13), 19. CH. Cherokee Legend Huli Sue (10/18/13), 20. CH. Wiltor's Bases Loaded At Blackhill (11/24/13), 21. GCH. Tycor's Beauty With Brains (01/10/14), 22. CH. Creedence The Devil Wears Prada (05/04/14), 23. GCH. Meadowrun's Brit's Love White Ice (05/24/14), 24. CH. Cherokee Legend Delenclos Colt (05/24/14), 25. CH. Ivory's Meant To Be For Double T (06/23/14), 26. GCH. Rockee Top Half Baked @DiNel's (07/27/14), 27.  CH. Showtime Here's Johnny (08/01/14), 28. CH. Bull-Lane's Passion (08/15/14), 29. GCH. Bullseye Bish Bertha Bright Eyes (10/11/14). 30. CH. Majestic This Girl Is On Fire (11/08/14), 31. GCH. Scott's Thatsa Reign Of Fire (12/05/14), 32. CH. Cherokee Legend Delenclos Ivan (3/13/15), 33. CH. Cherokee Legend Abigail (3/20/15), 34. CH. Irresistibull Calendar Girl Of Danditops (3/27/15), 35. CH. Meadowrun's Duff Has The Stuff (3/28/15), 36. GCH. Godd's Christmas Font A Nose's Star (5/03/15), 37. GCH. Rambling Fever's The Notorious B.I.G. (8/30/15), 38. CH. Hales Angels NCI'S Leroy Jethro Gibbs (10/24/15), 39. CH. Cherokee Legend John Henry (3/12/16), 40. CH. Cherokee Legend Light My Fire (03/26/16), 41. CH. Exact Classic Guns And Roses (05/26/16), 42. GCH. NC-Styles Hooray For Hollywood (06/18/16), 43. CH. Cherokee Legend Dolly Parton (8/21/16), 44. CH. Martins Float Like A Butterfly (10/07/16), 45. GCH. Font A Noses Rogue Is Living The Dream (11/05/16), 46. GCH. High Society Tuff Enough (11/10/16), 47. CH. Cherokee Legend Inglis Tyrone (03/23/17), 48. CH. Cherokee Legend Atlas (04/15/17), 49.  GCH. Cherokee Legend White Pearl (04/22/17), 50.  CH. Cherokee Legend Inglis Thor (04/23/17), 51. CH. Kelrob's Magnet Man Of The Match, CGC (05/11/17), 52.  CH. Cherokee Legend Sacred Dancer (04/30/17), 53. CH. Saint Brides Biloxi (05/28/17), 54. CH. Exact Classic Rogue Warrior (08/02/17), 55. CH. Majestic Lady Abigail (08/26/17), 56. CH. Martin's Sting Like A Bee (09/09/17), 57. CH. Bearhill's Superman (09/15/17), 58. GCH. Karma's Smackwater Jack (10/12/17), 59. GCH. Bulldog Dynasty's Jubie (02/17/18), 60. CH. Karma's Don't Mess With Bill (02/23/18), 61. CH. Lyerly's Just Peaches (03/17/18), 62. GCH. Kelrob's Just Horsin' Around, RN, CGCU, CGCA, TKN (03/21/18), 63.  CH. Sunrays Just Jazzi (04/20/18), 64. CH. Cherokee Legend Exact Classic Auggie (05/24/18), 65. CH. Cherokee Legend Wild Willow (05/27/18), 66. CH. Bulldog Dynasty's Carrying On The Tradition (06/16/18), 67. CH. Mohegan N' Capricho Dulce Sueno (07/06/18), 68. CH. Lyerly's Just Frankie (09/03/18), 69. GCH. Hilltop & Toby Tubby's Keepin' It Cool (10/14/18), 70. CH. Cherokee Legend Wild Bill (11/17/18), 71. CH. Kerr's Alastair O'Karma (12/01/18), 72. CH. Cherokee Legend Big Pine Slaterpryce Simple Simon (03/30/19), 73. CH. Sunray's Steve McQueen (03/31/19), 74. CH. Slaterpryces Vintage The City Of Love (05/17/19), 75. CH. Adamant Lake Affect Carleigh (05/26/19), 76. CH. Cherokee Legend River Region Roy (07/06/19), 77. CH. Cherokee Legend Big Pine Rico (07/31/19), 78. CH. Karma's 99 In The Shade (08/24/19), 79. CH. Karma's Betcha By Golly Wow (11/03/19), 80. CH. C-R Strut n' Friendly Fire Spears (12/06/19), 81. CH. S&D Bulls Kiwalick, 82. CH. S&D Bulls Maui Of My Heart (02/29/20). I need to update this!


To breed to Johnny or for more information about him, contact Connie Chambers at or call (317) 679-6604.

Bulldog Stud Dog for Breeding GCH. & CAN CH. CHEROKEE LEGEND COWBOY...A Bulldog Club of America Hall of Fame sire and the #1 Bulldog sire in the USA for 2016,Cowboy has met our expectations as a sire and a top winner. In the show ring, he  has won 1 All-Breed Best In Show, 5 Reserve Bests In Show, 29 Non-Sporting Group Firsts and 76 Bests In Specialty Show.  Linebred to CH. Cherokee Legend Rock, Cowboy has an outstanding pedigree.  His parents are, GCH. Cherokee Origin Just Johnny and GCH. Delenclos' Bonnie Love, are both oustanding winners and outstanding producers.

Cowboy's puppies are winning.  33 have already completed their Championships and 11 have completed their Grand Championships.  Cowboy's Champions are: 1. CH. Noticeabull Fresca (3/21/15), 2. GCH. Vaughan's Rajen Cajen Queen (3/28/15), 3. CH. Vaughan's The Last Apache Chief On The War-Path (8/21/15), 4. CH. Vaughan's Vito The Godfather Corleon (1/16/16), 5. GCH. Vaughan's Girl Gone Wild N Miami (2/20/16), 6. GCH. Noticeabull Ruby Sparks (4/22/16), 7. GCH. Pat-A-Bull's Zues (4/30/16), 8. CH. Cherokee Legend Mr. Bojangles (7/09/16), 9. GCH. Spitfire Pat-A-Bulls Sweet T (8/28/16), 10. GCH. Festabull's The Longest Day (9/16/16), 11. CH. Vaughan's 3B's Bite Of The Apple (9/16/16), 12. CH. Pat-A-Bull's Spitfire Chubb Rock (10/22/16), 13. CH. Delenclos Miss Pia At Majoray (10/29/16), 14. CH. Vaughan's Rolling Thunder (11/11/16), 15. CH. Pittman's Cersi Lannister (12/10/16), 16. CH. Pat-A-Bull's Spitfire Charlottes Web (4/30/17), 17. GCH. Quesada's Heavenbound Ace Up My Sleeve (09/17/17), 18. CH. Pittman's Not So Wicked (10/01/17), 19. CH. Miracles-Banjens Lifesajourney (11/04/17), 20. CH. Miracle's Iron Man (02/25/18), 21. CH. Cherokee Legend Isabel Is (05/27/18), 22. GCH. Inglis Thundakiss Voulez-Vous (08/26/18), 23. GCH. Plum Creek's Show-Me The Farmer's Daughter (09/02/18), 24. CH. Miracles Flirty Gerty (09/21/18), 25. CH. Nissequogue Scarlet Begonia (09/29/18), 26. CH. Show Me Electric Horseman (01/26/19), 27. CH. Pat-A-Bull's-Pride-Halley's-Comet-R-Shining-Star (02/23/19), 28. CH. Cherokee Legend Bernadette (05/17/19), 29. CH. Inglis Thundakiss Freya (06/01/19), 30. GCH. Cherokee Legend American Beauty Rose (06/15/19), 31. CH. Cherokee Legend Jacib's Pretty Woman (07/07/19), 32. CH. Festabull William Wonka (11/14/19), 33. CH. Festabull Truly Scrumptious (11/15/19)...

To breed to Cowboy or for more information about him, contact Cody Sickle at or (516) 721-1279

  • GCH. CHEROKEE LEGEND PADDINGTON...Paddington finished his Championship in three weekends with 4 Specialty majors.  The day after he finished his Championship he went Best In Specialty at the Bulldog Club of Philadelphia.  He has also won 3 Reserve Bests In Show and 16 Bests In Specialty Show. His puppies look terrific.
To breed to Paddington or for more information about him, please contact Cody Sickle at (516) 721-1279 or
                  STUD FEE: $1,200.


AM & CAN CH. CHEROKEE LEGEND DIEGO...Diego is a red & white son of CH. Cherokee Legend Delenclos Colt.  On the way to his Championship, Diego won four majors (two at Specialty Shows).  His puppies are looking very encouraging.
Diego is the sire of GCH. Cherokee Legend Prince Charming (09/28/17) and GCH. Cherokee Legend Paddington (02/28/20).To breed to Diego
contact Cody Sickle at (516) 721-1279 or
STUD FEE: $1200.

GCH. CHEROKEE LEGEND STEELE is red brindle & white with outstanding potential.  He finished his Championship with four Specialty majors and is already a  Multiple Best In Specialty Show and Non-Sporting Group winner.  Steele is living up to our expectations of him as a stud.  His offspring have already won Multiple All-Breed Bests In Show, Multiple Reserve Bests In Show and Multiple Specialty Bests In Show.  He has 14 Champion offspring so far.









To breed to Steele or for more information about him, contact Connie Chambers at (317) 679-6604 or

STUD FEE: $1200.